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Dog Latin Dog Training is all about learning that’s fun: reinforcing what works while teaching you how to communicate with your canine companion. We teach people and dogs through positive reinforcement, using principles rooted in the science of learning. Dogs learn during training, staying engaged, developing predictable behavior and building confidence — while strengthening human-animal bonds. Dog training from Kenwood Animal Hospital and Dog Latin Dog Training sets you up for success by helping you learn how to use rewards, to capture behaviors and shape your dog into behaviors you will reward and ultimately make reliable.

Imagine the freedom you’ll feel ― from shouting “no” or from yanking on a choke chain. It’s truly all about you and your dog becoming a great team.

Puppy Right Start classes begin with a private session in your home, followed by five consecutive Wednesday or Thursday sessions at the Kenwood Canine Clubhouse. We will begin with the clicker, a simple device you will use to offer your dog a consistent, repeatable “good job” sound. We will work on how to pair the clicker with “reinforcers,” establishing a sequence and rhythm that help the dog, puppy or adult, catch on quickly. Then we’ll move into specifics: socialization, best practices, and puppy behaviors. There’s no doubt that puppies can learn every bit as fast as they grow. But adult dogs can learn easily, too.

  • Puppy Right Start classes begin with one private lesson in your home, then five consecutive Wednesdays orThursdays, from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

  • Classes meet at the Kenwood Canine Clubhouse, 5437-B Butler Road, Bethesda, Md. 20816.

  • Admission is on a rolling basis; there is not a unique start date per session.

  • After registration, there may be a short wait before your first class.

  • Cost is $365 per client/dog pair.

  • Make-up classes cannot be guaranteed.

  • Payment is due one week prior to the start of training. Your spot in class will be reserved once payment is received.

  • Dogs must be healthy and not show aggression toward people or other dogs.

  • No prong collars, choke chains, or retractable leashes are allowed.

  • Body harnesses are preferred.

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