Our dogs are remarkably sensitive creatures, and each learns in different ways. Some dogs will do anything to earn a treat or the toss of a tennis ball. Others take time and patience to understand concepts. Dog Latin Dog Training is dedicated to the simple proposition that you and your canine best friend can learn—and even solve problems—in an atmosphere of positivity. Let our trainers show you how.

Let’s face it, many of us learned to train our dogs in a very old fashioned way. The snap of a choke chain. A hard yank on the leash. Constant repetition of the word “no.” Maybe even through physical force. Sound familiar? The “traditional” compulsion-based way is about “teaching” your dog the minimum to stay out of trouble. It can also produce undesirable consequences, such as fear or aggression.

There is, of course, a better way. When human and canine begin to speak the same language — based on capturing and reinforcing positive behaviors — amazing learning can happen. You and your dog truly become partners in communicating.

Dog Latin Dog Training is about a common language of mutual understanding. Dogs respond to a handheld clicker device, verbal and/or hand signals, treats and praise, accelerating the learning process and building lasting recall.

Working with Dog Latin Dog Training, you’ll engage your dog, strengthening the trust you share. It’s really about working as a team and learning to speak the same language: Dog Latin.

Learn about how we use clicker training.

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